BEWARE of This Crochet Pattern Book!!!

Crochet Patterns For Babies: 41 Adorable Patterns For Baby Hats, Blankets, & Clothes! cost me $3 on, so I’m not crying too much over it — but the author, Kitty Moore, is scamming people.

Even on her blog you have to search for the picture that corresponds with the pattern — she could have came up with a better marketing strategy.

FYI: there is a disclaimer on her blog that the photos aren’t even hers, she basically took it off of others who posted their photos without giving proper credit — DO NOT buy this book, one of the patterns (the sun-dress) is a FREE pattern available online that she claims as her own. How she hasn’t gotten sued is beyond me. I think that is why she requires an email to be able to view the photos, so that she can keep up with the scam. I found this out because of the sun-dress; unfortunately for her, I know that pattern very well from online because I’ve made that dress two times already!

This is the sun-dress (I made the matching baby bloomers with it); both patterns are available for FREE by Carol Garcia on — this Kitty Moore person trying to push her plagiarized pattern book on Amazon needs to be called out on the world-wide-web for her scam!

I found the pattern online, and it actually made me discover that she was selling her book pattern on using other people’s FREE patterns — do not buy this person’s book, she is a total con artist! I happened to find out because I thought it very odd that she required you to sign up to her site and a special link to even view her crochet pictures — that’s because she is profiting off of other people’s patterns that they have posted for free online and claiming them as hers, she’s even stealing other people’s picture. I recognize one of the pictures that she used as her own, and the pattern that she is charging people for by selling her fake book on Amazon! (FYI, that’s my ring finger and my hand!!!)


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