About Me

This is actually the first legit thing that I crocheted… it doesn’t look like the picture in the design pattern… but I liked it enough that I figured I just made my own design instead, ha!

Hello! Welcome to my site. Thank you for stopping by. (This blog is not mobile friendly, and is best viewed on a computer or tablet, just an FYI.)

I learned how to crochet in 2017, it was one of my New Year’s Resolution (hooray, I actually accomplished one of my many goals for the year).

I’ve always loved arts and craft, and have had at one time or another, some sort of art and/or craft hobby. I have humongous container totes filled with stuff that I’ve spent LOTS of money on throughout the years to feed my addiction to whatever craft hobby I have at the moment.

My first needle-work craft was sewing. I learned how to sew as a kid by watching my mother sew. The very first thing I sewn was when I was 13. I had a pair of Payless sandals and the strap broke on one of them, so I sewed it back in place. Fast-forward to when I was 21; I moved out of my family’s home and into my very first apartment. I learned how to paint and draw… and knit.

After my first child was born, my next interest that I threw lots of money into was scrapbooking. When I moved to Iowa I got into crafting, especially paper crafting. I’ve always loved crafts because I love personalizing gifts, and all of my crafts have usually been as gifts to others.

However, nothing has taken my interest quite as passionately as crocheting, it’s definitely up there with writing (and everyone knows my love of writing). This is my site dedicated solely for my crocheting (okay, occasionally for other things too) — and for all the crochet enthusiasts out there in the world too. Happy crocheting! ♡